Improve Your Earnings By Attaining CompTIA A+ Certification Today

Vincent Quezada
Vincent Quezada
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Improve Your Earnings By Attaining CompTIA A+ Certification Today

One important way through which you can improve your career prospects as an IT professional is by obtaining the right qualifications. In relation to this, there’s no doubting the fact that the CompTIA A+ certification is your best bet, if you want to start an excellent career in IT, or even advance an existing one. Do you want to ask why?

Well, the reason is not far from the fact that the CompTIA A+ has been designed to validate you as a reliable professional armed with relevant skills that allow you to help businesses solve problems, and satisfactorily handle key organizational and technical tasks. Thus, as you can infer, a typical CompTIA A+ professional is no doubt an asset to any relevant company in the world.

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What’s Required To Earn The CompTIA A+ Certification?

In order for you to earn the CompTIA A+ designation, you will need to pass two different exams known as Core Series, encoded as 220-1001 (Core 1) and 220-1002 (Core 2). Importantly, these tests will cover 9 key areas such as Hardware, Operating Systems, Software Troubleshooting, Networking, Hardware & Network Troubleshooting, Security, Mobile Devices, Virtualization & Cloud Computing, as well as Operational Procedures.

Furthermore, you will be given 90 minutes to answer 90 questions of various types and each of the exams will cost you $232.

Why You Should Opt For The CompTIA A+

There are many reasons why the CompTIA A+ is one certification that you shouldn’t miss out on. Some of these reasons include the fact that:

  • The certificate is globally recognized.
  • The A+ certification is vendor-neutral.
  • This CompTIA designation helps you establish a career in IT.
  • It makes you a real problem-solver at your work place.
  • It is highly favored by big names in the industry (e.g. Ricoh, Dell, HP, etc.)
  • It has the ability to increase your CV visibility and reliability.
  • It makes a good knowledge base to opt for higher-level certifications.

Consequently, just as you yourself can deduce from the above listed reasons, having the CompTIA A+ under your belt undoubtedly comes with the potential of increasing your prior earnings. It goes without saying that, first of all, the job opportunities that will come your way will not only be many, but also satisfying and high paying.

So, based on this, you can earn from $45,000 to $60,000, as per the vendor’s website, which depends on the specific job role, location, experience, and motivation among other determining factors.

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Without any doubt at all, earning the CompTIA A+ designation really is an impressive and satisfying means for you to kick-start your career in information technology. Indeed, there’s no doubting that you will get exceeding financial satisfaction as a result of the first-class opportunities that come with the concerned qualification. Thus, do not waste any time in leaping at these sweet prospects! But then, remember that you can’t get this certificate without passing the two exams. So make sure to use as many official and third-party prep resources as possible. The best of luck!

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